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Find the right walk-in bathtub for your needs!

Below you’ll find a simple side-by-side chart so you can compare all of our walk-in bathtubs. And if you need help choosing the right walk in bathtub, don’t worry, you can contact us at anytime.

Walk In Bath Tubs Door Swing In/Out Weight Capacity Intended Use Replaces Existing Shower/Tub Recommended For & Features Offered
Celebrity Walk In Bathtub Inward Swing 16"-18" 175-285lbs (Call for Size) Conventional Walk in Bathtub Replace Bathtub/Shower (48" model) Various Size Options for every Size Bathroom/Client
Acrylic Deluxe Walk In Bathub Inwards Swing 18" *(Curve) 300lbs Hot Tub Spa Amenities Replace Bathtub Stall Acrylic/Dual Spa Massage/Adjustable Heater
Cube Walk In Bathtub Outward Swing 21" 200lbs Compact Size Replace Shower Stall or smaller Front Door Entrance/ Bathroom Size Constraints
Access Walk In Bathtub Outward Swing 34" 350lbs Wheelchair Transfer Replace Bathtub Stall Bariatric/Whelchair Users/Hoyer Lift Compatible
Imperial Walk In Bathtub Outward Swing 25" 500lbs Bariatric Size for Full Figure Replace Bathtub Stall Bariatric Clients/ Outward Swing Door
Royal Walk In Bathtub Inward Swing 15" 200lbs Power Lift Model Replace Bathtub Stall Power Seat for Lay Down Soak
Supreme Walk in Bathtub Inward Swing 23.5" 500lbs Full Figure Size (Inward Swing) Replace Bathtub Stall Bariatric Clients/ Inward Swing Door-28" wide seat
Freedom Shower NO DOOR 285lbs Molded Seat Shower Replace Bathtub or Shower Slide Transfer Molded Seat/ Fully Accessorized

Here's how you can select the right walk in tub in 4 simple steps.

Hopefully our side-by-side comparison chart helped you understand all of the different features, functions and sizes of a walk in bathtub. Now that you have a better understanding, here are four simple steps to selecting the right walk in bathtub for you.

  1. Estimate a budget for your walk in bathtub – The cost of your walk in bathtub depends on the size, quality and features you select.
  2. Determine the correct walk in bathtub size and step-in height – You will need to measure you current bathtub to ensure you know what size walk in tub will fit and consider the size of the people using the tub. Walk in bathtubs also come with varying step-in heights, so don’t forget to think about how high you want to step in order to get into the tub. We offer walk in tubs with low step-in heights to make getting in and out easy for anyone, even those with mobility issues.
  3. Understand how the door opens – Walk in bathtub doors can open inward and outward. Inward opening doors take up less space, while outward opening doors take up more space and are great if there was an emergency situation, but they’re also more prone to leaking. We recommend you select an inward facing door, unless you have emergency concerns.
  4. Ensure proper safety certifications – You should check to ensure that your walk in bathtub meets all proper safety certifications. In the USA and Canada, certifications include the CSA/UL, the American Standards Association and the ANSI (American National Standards Institute). Our tubs are both CSA/UL and ANSI, ensuring you get the highest quality walk in bathtub.

Get the safe, therapeutic bathing experience of a walk in bathtub!

You’re already well aware that walk in bathtubs provide a safe bathing experience for the elderly, disabled and those with mobility ailments, but there’s a lot more our walk in tubs can do for you! We offer walk in bathtubs that give you more than just safety; you can receive a wide range of therapeutic benefits.

Increase Circulation The warm water from our walk in bathtubs will open your skin’s capillaries, stimulating an increase in blood flow and oxygen that will remove toxins from your body and also improving the function your digestive system.
Eliminate Stress The gentle massage, warm water and comfortable seated position of our walk in bathtubs will put you into a state of relaxation as your body releases endorphins that lessen the tensions causing you stress.
Relieve Muscle Soreness Target specific areas of your body or experience a full body massage. With our jetted and air massage options, you can relieve sore, achy, muscles with hydrotherapy right at home.
Improve Sleep Cycles As we age sleep often becomes a struggle, but thanks to the increased circulation, reduced stress and sore muscles, you will notice a dramatic improvement in your quality and ease of sleeping.
Soothe Arthritis and Pain The National Arthritis Foundation recommends sitting and soaking for soothing the effects of arthritis and chronic joint pain; exactly what our tubs are designed to allow you to do.

Safeway Safety Step Installers

The Safeway Step converts your bath to a step-in shower and is completed in just a few hours. It's the ideal solution for home owners, senior housing, and hotels.

The Safeway Tub Door adds a water-tight door to your tub, allowing you to keep the use of your tub easy-access.

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